Multi-language manuals available to download for Genova Series Spectrophotometers

Last year Jenway launched two new life science spectrophotometers - the Genova Plusand the Genova Nano. These two instruments are being well received in the market and have been sold all over the world. To complement the global demand for these products the instruction manuals are available in English, French, German and Chinese.

The manuals are available to download from the Jenway website and are also included on the product manual CD supplied with the products.

The Genova Plus life science spectrophotometer has pre-programmed methods for the measurement of nucleic acid concentrations and protein assays; as well as measurement modes for measuring nucleic acid purity and cell density. The Genova Plus is supplied fitted with a micro-cuvette holder which is ideal for measuring small volumes of DNA or RNA in micro-cuvettes.

The Genova Nano micro-volume spectrophotometer has all the same functionality of the Genova Plus with the added benefit of a fitted micro-volume accessory which allows samples as small as 0.5µl to be pipetted directly onto the read head, removing the need for cuvettes and conserving precious samples.

These versatile instruments can also be used as a standard spectrophotometer with measurement modes for photometrics, concentration, multi-wavelength, spectrum scanning, quantitation and kinetics. Making them the most flexible instruments in the market.

• Pre-programmed for DNA/RNA analysis
• Purity scan across entire wavelength range
• Pre-programmed methods for protein analysis
• Standard spectrophotometer functions
• Press to read xenon lamp
• Icon driven software
• Small footprint
• Method and result saving to USB memory stick
• 3 year warranty including xenon lamp
Genova Plus with optinal printer
Genova Nano in use