New Addition to 63 Series Spectrophotometers

Jenway are proud to announce the launch of the Model 6315 UV/visible scanning spectrophotometer completes the Jenway 63 series. Building on the platform of the highly successful 6310, the Model 6315 uses a pulsed xenon lamp to extend the wavelength range to the UV region.

The Model 6315 is an advanced measuring system with modes for Photometrics, Spectrum Scanning, Kinetics, Concentration and Quantitation. The 6315 will meet the demands of a wide range of applications especially those in clinical, veterinary, environmental, general QC and performance testing areas.

With a memory capacity of 50 methods for each mode, with fully open operating system ensures compatibility with reagent kits from most manufacturers, as well as enabling full customisation to the operatorís choice of chemistries and operating procedures.

The 6315 has an analogue output that can be used to drive chart recorders and other analogue or conversion devices as well as a bi-directional RS232 serial port for connection to serial printers and computers.

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6315 Spectrophotometers