Multi-Cell Automation

The automated eight-position cell holder accessory is the key to improved productivity for the Jenway 67 Series spectrophotometers in all modes of operation. By selecting the Automation option when creating a method up to 7000 samples can be measured using multiple carousels. The 67 series will automatically save or print all results, freeing you to prepare the next batch of samples.

When performing detailed spectrum scans the eight-position cell holder removes the need for expensive, matched cuvettes, as individual baselines can be stored for each cuvette. For methods requiring the highest accuracy the multiple blanks option is available, here the 67 series will run a blank cycle and store the value for each position.

In addition Jenway also offer a six-position cell holder with the added benefit of a water jacket for sample temperature control via an external circulating water bath. Click for details
Automated 8 position cell holder