High Performance Electrodes

Jenway are pleased to announce that they have recently extended their range of combination pH electrodes to include the Performance pH range.

This new range includes a general purpose electrode (924 905) and a 90mm reach, 4.5mm semi-micro electrode (924 904) for small volume samples. Both of these models have been specifically designed for measurements of general solutions, tris buffers and high accuracy laboratories and offer significant advantages over conventional AgCl electrodes, including:

  • Improved equilibration and response times, reducing the time taken to perform accurate measurements.

  • Significantly reduced long term drift, saving time through reducing the need for frequent, laborious calibration procedures.

  • Increased reproducibility of results, especially after been exposed to extremes of pH and temperature, thus making Performance pH electrodes ideal for field applications and samples with fluctuating temperature.
According to Robert Skehens, Marketing Director of Bibby Scientific, Jenway Performance pH electrodes give confidence and high degrees of accuracy in all readings, both with and without calibration, whilst simultaneously saving time through their rapid equilibration. All of these factors ensure that our UK manufactured Performance pH electrodes will continue to meet your requirements today and into the future. Click for details
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