Accurate, user-friendly UV-visible spectroscopy

Jenway's 67 series spectrophotometers offer high quality split-beam optics and a cutting-edge user interface for fast, intuitive operation. Excellent data portability and secure multi-user operation add to the versatility of these advanced instruments.

Featuring sealed split beam optics, all the 67s deliver more accurate measurements than single beam instruments, while being more affordable than double beam spectrophotometers. The sensitive yet durable touch screen and colour display, together with sealed touch-sensitive QWheel for fine cursor control, make for a highly flexible, easy-to-use interface.

Both the 6705 and 6715 cover the wavelength range from 190nm to 1100nm using a pulsed xenon light source, with the 6715 providing an ultra narrow bandwidth of 1.5nm. Available modes include photometrics, spectrum scanning, multi-wavelength analysis, kinetics and quantitation, giving direct concentration results against single or multi-point calibrations. Extensive post-measurement tools enable results to be presented exactly to each user's requirements.

Jenway have developed secure multi-user operation for the 67 series spectrophotometers to protect access to methods on instruments which are shared among multiple users. For maximum security, PIN codes can be allocated to designated individuals, groups or departments, and each method can be tagged Public, Read Only or Personal. In addition to the internal memory, removable SD or SD/USB memory cards give the flexibility to clone multiple instruments with the same settings, for example in a busy teaching laboratory, or to save and transfer "your spectrophotometer" to another instrument or a PC.

Compatibility with the TrayCell and micro-cuvettes enables the determination of nucleic acid and protein concentrations in very small sample volumes, down to 0.7l. The range of compatible accessories for the 67 series includes automated eight and water heated six-position cell holders, a peltier-controlled cuvette holder, programmable sipper pump, peltier sipper module and various passive sample holders.

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