Receive a specialised pH probe for FREE*!

Jenway are pleased to announce a special offer for a FREE specialised pH probe when ordered with the Jenway bench pH/temperature meter - model 3510. Customers can choose from a selection of specialised pH probes depending on the requirements of their application.

The pH probes available in this special offer are as follows:

924 030 - Tris Buffer - semi-micro glass bodied electrode with 90mm reach, for pH measurements in biological buffers, blood and protein samples (max temperature 50ºC)

924 904 - Performance pH electrode - semi-micro, glass combination electrode with 4.5mm diameter tip at 90mm reach for small volume liquid samples, Tris buffers and use in high accuracy laboratories (max temperature 100ºC)

924 905 - Performance pH electrode - general purpose glass combination electrode for high accuracy, fast response and low drift requirements (max temperature 100ºC)

924 076 - Difficult Applications - glass bodied combination electrode for use in non-aqueous samples, oils and emulsions

924 080 - Glass bodied combination electrode for use in aggressive chemical applications

924 050 - Environmental glass bodied electrode, suitable for low ionic strength solutions and purified water (max temperature 50ºC)

924 051 - Food electrode, epoxy bodied, flat membrane, ideal for measurements of food extracts and agar plates (max temperature 60ºC)

Jenway's 3510 laboratory pH meter is a versatile, simple to use pH, mV and temperature meter. With 1, 2 or 3 calibration points and up to 3 decimal place resolution the 3510 is ideal for routine analysis. A choice of pH calibration buffers to DIN, JIS and NIST standards can be used for automatic calibration.
• Simultaneous readout of pH and temperature
• 1, 2 or 3 point calibration
• Connectivity to a PC or printer
• Storage of up to 32 results
• 3 year warranty on meter

Please contact your local distributor to take advantage of this special offer.

*Offer runs until 30th September 2011 and is only valid in the UK and Ireland. The probe MUST be ordered at the same time as the pH meter. Only valid with Model 3510 (part code 351 000).
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924 080
924 904
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924 051
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