The Accuracy and Precision of the Genova Nano

The Genova Nano is Jenway's first micro-volume spectrophotometer. It has all the features of a life science spectrophotometer including the ability to insert a full variety of accessories, along with micro-volume capability all at a low price point.

Two very important features of micro-volume spectrophotometers are reproducibility and accuracy of results. Jenway have produced an application note to demonstrate how the Genova Nano meets these important requirements.

To summarise a range of tests were performed on eight separate units, the first to demonstrate absorbance accuracy, the second to show absorbance precision and the final to show concentration reproducibility.

In brief the results from these experiments are shown below:
• Absorbance accuracy was shown to be well within the +/-2% accuracy stated on our specification making the Genova Nano more accurate than many market leading competitors who state 3% absorbance accuracy. Additionally there was less than 2% variation between separate Nano units.
• The second test to show the precision of results gained by the Genova Nano show that when taking ten consecutive sample readings the results were highly reproducible with a range of ≤0.005Abs.
• The concentration reproducibility of the Genova Nano is again excellent, showing less than 2µg/ml variation when taking ten consecutive readings.

Click here to download the full application note.
The Genova Nano