Jenway's new product catalogue now available for download

The new edition of Jenway's comprehensive product catalogue is now available for download on the company's website Detailing Jenway's extensive range of analytical instrumentation the new catalogue is a 'go to' resource for detail and expert advice on colorimeters, conductivity meters, dissolved oxygen meters, flame photometers, fluorimeters, ion meters, pH meters and spectrophotometers. New products include the latest UV/visible spectrophotometers - the Genova Nano, Jenway's first micro-volume spectrophotometer, the Genova Plus which is dedicated to life science analyses, and the 6850, Jenway's top of the range variable double beam spectrophotometer.

Packed with detailed product information the new catalogue is designed to highlight each piece of equipment individually. Key features, technical specifications, ordering information, accessories and consumables are all contained within a single document. A useful summary page at the beginning of each section enables the reader to make a quick and easy informed product selection from the range, saving time and effort. While FAQ's at the end of the document assist with the decision making process.

All Jenway products are available through a wide range of national and international distributors. To find your local distributor Click here. Or for more information.
Jenway 2012 Catalogue