Flame Photometers

       A Performance Assessment of Jenway's PFP7 Flame Photometer

       Added Chalk in Flour

       Alkali Metals in Cement

       Alkali Metals in Iron and Manganese Ores

       Barium Measurements

       Calcium in beer

       Calcium in Biological Fluids

       Calcium in Biscuits

       Calcium in Fruit Juice

       Calcium in milk

       Calcium Measurements

       Exchangeable Sodium in Soils

       Lithium in Coal Ash Deposits

       Lithium in Serum

       Lithium Measurements

       Potassium in Inorganic Fertilizers

       Potassium in Mixtures of Plant Derived Resins

       Potassium in Plant Material

       Potassium in Soils

       Sodium and potassium

       Sodium and Potassium in Aqueous Solutions

       Sodium and Potassium in Biological Fluids

       Sodium and Potassium in Fruit Juice

       Sodium and Potassium in Meat

       Sodium and Potassium in Rat Urine

       Sodium and Potassium in Silicate, Minerals and Ores

       Sodium and Potassium Measurements

       Sodium in Phosphoric Acid

       Sodium in Raw Pine Oil

       Sodium in Straw

       Sodium in Zinc Oxide

       Sulphate Determination

       Troubleshooting Flame Photometer Ignition