Determination of chlorophyll a using fluorimetry

       Effect of Emission Filter on LOD Using Quinine Sulphate Dihydrate

       Fluorescent dye dilutions and limit of detection

       Fluorimetric Determination of Acetylsalicylic Acid

       Hoechst 33258 DNA Measurements

       Kinetics of hexokinase using NADH fluorescence

       Limit of Detection Using Quinine Sulphate Dihydrate

       Measuring Histamine in seafood

       NanoOrange® protein quantitation assay

       OliGreen Primer Quantitation Assay

       Phosphatase assays using DiFMUP

       Protocol: EnzChek Phosphatase assay

       Protocol: NanoOrange Protein Assay

       Protocol: OliGreen Assay