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Dissolved Oxygen Bench Meter Accessories

A number of accessories are available for use with the 9500 dissolved oxygen meter:

Ordering Information

Part Code Description
983 030 Vial of zero calibration powder for DO2 probe
037 701 Thermal printer with IrDA, complete with roll of paper (037 702), universal power adapter and interface cable for non- IrDA instruments
037 702 Roll of paper for thermal printer
SM27 Battery operated bench stirrer
903 300 Electrode stand and holder (9500)
903 311 Extended length rod for 903 300 (recommended for use with 037 901) (9500)
060 406 Dust cover for bench units
021 030 Spare UK 230V power supply (all bench models)
021 031 Spare European 230V power supply (all bench models)
021 032 Spare US 115V power supply (all bench models)

Please note the SM27 is a Stuart product. Click here to view the SM27 product page.

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