9500 Dissolved Oxygen Meter set up with probe
DO2 probe with membrane


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Dissolved Oxygen (DO2) Probes

Jenway have an extensive range of dissolved oxygen probes suitable for portable or bench dissolved oxygen meters. The probes for the dissolved oxygen meters have all been updated in order to unify the range.

The dissolved oxygen probes have been redesigned so that they are all the same diameter. As a result of this redesign the new probes have a narrower diameter than the old probes. The new probes are easily identified with a B after the probe part number on the probe or meter packaging.
To compliment the new probe design the dissolved oxygen membranes have also been redesigned. The new membranes will not fit on old probes and old membranes will not fit on new probes.

Part Code Description Unit
970 231B DO2 probe 970
541 520B DO2 probe 9150/ 9200
522 023B DO2 probe 9500
522 019 Old replacement membranes (3) and KCl fill solution 970/ 9500
522 019B New replacement membranes (3) and KCl fill solution 970/ 9500/ 9150/ 9200

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