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Flame Photometer Consumables and Accessories

The Jenway flame photometers are not supplied with the following accessories but some, e.g. the air compressor and gas regulators, are necessary to run the flame photometer.

A water separator is recommended to remove any residual water from the compressed air supply. The size of water separator required depends on the local humidity. If there is high humidity then the large water separator is recommended.

Gas regulators are needed to regulate the pressure of fuel being inputted into the flame photometer.

A fuel filter is recommended to ensure that no particulates get into the mixing chamber from the fuel supply.

To complement the Jenway range of flame photometers there are several calibration standards offered to enable accurate calibration of the flame photometer. All calibration standards are 500ml unless otherwise stated.

If you require a COA for a calibration standard please email with the batch number and expiry date. Thank you.

Ordering Information

Part Code Description
535 001 Air compressor (230V 50 60Hz)
535 002 Air compressor (110V 60Hz)
500 176 Water separator (small)
500 177 Water separator (large)
500 093 Fuel filter
500 178 Butane regulator
500 179 Propane regulator

Calibration Standards

Part Code Description
025 008 1.00mmol/l Li
025 004 100mmol/l Na, 100mmol/l K
025 006 140mmol/l Na, 5mmol/l K
025 007 120mmol/l Na, 2mmol/l K
025 005 160mmol/l Na, 8mmol/l K
025 027 160mmol/l Na, 80mmol/l K
025 021 1000ppm Na
025 023 1000ppm K
025 024 1000ppm Li
025 025 3000ppm Ba
025 009 1000ppm Ca
025 171 Cleaning solution (1 litre)


Part Code Description
500 134 Dust cover
500 019 Nebuliser

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