Heated Cell Block

62 Series Fluorimeter Accessories

Sipper Pump

The programmable peristaltic sipper pump can be adjusted by the operator to inject a repeatable volume of sample or standard into the chamber of a flow-through cuvette. Other options are:

• Add an air gap to separate samples
• Wash cycle
• Move sample to waste container or return to original vessel
• Pump sample continuously for monitoring a bulk or flowing sample

Parameter Sipper Pump
Continuous aspiration mode Flow rate dependant on tubing bore: 12ml/min with supplied tubing
Timed aspiration mode Sample/air gap/wash
Sample volume 75µl to 9.5ml
Segment run time Up to 48 seconds
Size (w x d x h) 205 x 190 x 160mm
Weight 1.5kg

Heated Cell System

The electrically heated cell holder with its digital control unit ensures samples are always at the same temperature. This can be very important as fluorescence is inversely proportional to temperature, so care must be taken if comparing samples at different ambient temperatures. Temperature can also affect other sample properties, for example the rate of enzymatic reactions.

Parameter Heated Cell
Temperature range Ambient +2°C to 60°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Regulation ±0.1°C
Accuracy ±0.5°C
Temperature control PID
Size (w x d x h) 205 x 165 x 85mm
Weight 0.9kg for controller, 0.4kg for heated block

Ordering Information

Part Code Description
632 001 Sipper pump, supplied with inlet and outlet tubing (230V/50Hz)
628 200 Heated cell system comprising heated cell holder (628 202), controller (633 004) and connection leads (100 to 240V/ 50/60Hz)

Printers and PC Software

DataWay PC software allows unlimited storage of programs, results and graphs. It has powerful graphing functions that allow overlays of data for comparison of results. Alternatively data can be exported to other analysis programs such as Excel™.

Part Code Description
050 501 DataWay software on a CD-ROM, includes spectrophotometer/fluorimeter interface cable (013 210) and electrochemistry interface cable (013 203)
037 551 RS232 to USB convertor for connection to PCs without serial ports
037 701 40 column serial printer supplied with paper, protective sleeve, serial lead, power supply and UK, EU and US power leads
037 702 Roll of thermal paper


Part Code Description
033 290 Fluorimeter carry case
630 028 Dust cover

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