685 401 Automatic 8-cell changer
Water Heated Cuvette Holder
Variable Path Length Cuvette Holder
685601 Combined Sipper-Peltier
685201 Sipper Pump

6850 Accessories

Jenway provide a variety of accessories to compliment the 6850. All of the accessories fit into the sample chamber and therefore do not take up any additional bench space and all have been designed to be fitted and removed with ease.

To enhance productivity and increase throughput rates there is an automatic 8 cell changer. For medical and biochemical application where sample volumes are strictly limited a micro-cuvette holder is available. For applications where sample temperature is critical, a water heated cuvette holder for 10 x 10mm cuvettes, please note that a water bath and circulator are also required but not supplied. For applications requiring additional sensitivity where longer path length cuvettes may be required Jenway offer an adjustable path length cuvette holder.
For images of all the accessories please download the Spectrophotometer Accessory Brochure.

Ordering Information

Part Code Description
685 204 10x10mm path length cuvette holder
685 131 Water heated 10x10mm single cell holder
685 005 10 to 100mm path length cuvette holder
685 304 Micro-cuvette holder
685 401 8 position automatic cell changer
685 024 Tungsten Halogen lamp kit for 6850
685 021 Deuterium lamp
685 092 Spare Dongle to enable PC control of spectrophotometer

Please note, the 8-cell automatic cell changer is not recommended for use with micro-volume cuvettes, and is only suitable for use with cuvettes that have an aperture greater than that of the cell holder.

New accessories for the Jenway 6850 Spectrophotometer

For safe and effective sample handling Jenway now offer a sipper pump which circulates samples and can be programmed to deliver reproducible sample volumes, part code 685 201. A flow through cuvette must be used with the sipper pump. For applications where sample temperature is critical, an electronic Peltier accessory is offered which enables sample temperature to be controlled between 15°C to 40ºC, part code 685 301. And finally, the combined sipper-Peltier pump combines the functionality of both the sipper pump and the Peltier enabling sample temperature to be controlled while the sample is being circulated, part code 685 601.

Ordering Information

Accessory Description
Accessory Description
685 201 Sipper pump system with 10x10mm cell accessory
685 301 Peltier system with 10x10mm cell accessory
685 601 Combined Sipper-Peltier with 10x10mm cell accessory

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