Heated cell cuvette holder 725 201
External printer SMP50/PRINTER

72 Series Accessories

Models 7200 and 7205 are supplied with a 10x10mm cuvette holder fitted as standard. The clever design of this instrument ensures that it is compatible with the existing range of Jenway passive accessories from the 63, 73 and 67 series range. These include a test tube holder, adjustable path length (10 to 100mm) cuvette holder and a micro-cuvette holder. All of the accessories are easy to interchange using the ergonomic thumb screw.

Temperature control

For applications where the temperature of the sample needs to be controlled there is a heated cell accessory for thermostatted measurements at 37°C. The heated cell holder accepts 10x10mm cuvettes and can be easily fitted and removed without the need for any tools. This accessory has a temperature range of 32 to 42°C with a resolution of 0.5°C. The heated cell accessory is supplied with a UK, EU and US power lead which is required to power the spectrophotometer and the heated cell. The heated cell is controlled by the operating software on the instrument.


There is also an external printer available for instant results. Spectrum and kinetics graphs are printed in the vertical direction to maximise the amount of information displayed. The spectrophotometer can be set up to either manually or automatically send results to the printer. The printer connects to the spectrophotometer via the USB port on the rear of the spectrophotometer. The printer has a rechargeable battery and is supplied with UK, EU and US power leads.

Cell Holders

Part Code Description
630 204 10 x 10mm path length cuvette holder
637 071 10mm square cuvettes and 16, 24mm test tube holder
630 005 10 to 100mm path length cuvette holder
630 304 Micro-cuvette holder with reduced aperture
725 201 Heated cell 10 x 10mm cuvette holder supplied with UK, EU and US power leads

Other Accessories

Part Code Description
SMP50/PRINTER External printer supplied with UK, EU and US power leads
037 702 Paper roll for printer
019 146 4GB USB memory stick
700 000 Dust cover
012 050 Tungsten halogen lamp

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